About Yakira Homeware Cape Town South Africa

our story

Many unlikely and romantic friendships were created in District 6. But few of them sustained generations. In 1953, a friendship was formed between Mr. Zinn of Katz and Zinn and Mr Moorgas. They connected over their love of fine furnishing their humor and their devotion to their children, amongst them David and Jeanette. When District 6 was dismantled Mr. Moorgas continued to visit Mr. Zinn in his store on Long street where they’d drink tea and a young Jeanette shyly shook hands with Mr. Moorgas. Inevitably, both men grew old and died. The world changed, we discovered cell phones and online shopping.

our story continues

Things we cared for deeply fifty years ago no longer matter, people change, forget. Jeanette became a great fashion icon and David, the son of Mr. Moorgas, like his father became a meticulous artisan. But friendship, like great taste lives in a person’s blood forever. In 2015, Jeanette in partnership with Phillipp Oosthuizen formed Yakira Homeware, Pickles and Roses. Inspired by fabrics she’d bought in Afghanistan, Jeannette called the only person skilled enough to create the sumptuous chairs she now sells. The son of her father’s friend David Moorgas. And so, falling into the hand carved American oak chairs, Jeanette has come full circle.


Tucked between the trendy clothes stores and hip coffee shops is an enchanting hub of magic. YAKIRA HOMEWARE, PICKELS AND ROSES Stepping into Yakira is not stepping into a store, it’s embracing a lifestyle. Literally stopping, to smell the roses. Roses brought to Cape Town every week from Ethiopia.

jeanette marcus

JEANETTE MARCUS is one of Cape Town’s great dames. With the Yakira clothing brand she put sexy into casual and classy into tracksuits. Everything she has ever done has been identifiable by its abundance and style.

phillipp oosthuizen

PHILLIPP OOSTHUIZEN has been a professional triathlete, a personal trainer and restaurateur. The abiding thread through his diverse career has been the creativity and calm of his approach. Together they bring a generosity of spirit to everything they do. Jeanette’s exuberance is measured by Phillipp’s serenity. Travelling the world, they’ve both embraced life but always returned to the colors and textures of Africa. It’s this combination of worldliness and African-ness that combine to bring Yakira Homeware Pickles and Roses.


Buying one of these chairs is like buying a piece of art, it’s forever. Order online and bring luxury into your home without leaving the luxury of your home, or visit the store.